PhD. Candidate Atasel PETİN

Our students successfully represented our faculty at the 68th International Veterinary Students Association (IVSA) Symposium, which was held in Morocco, and IVSA Cyprus was established.
She was born in 1996 in Izmir. She received his primary education at Kurtuluş Primary School and her secondary education at Fatih Primary School. She graduated from Tire Kutsan Anatolian High School in 2015. She entered the Near East University Faculty of Veterinary Medicine in 2016 and graduated in 2021. She took part in the founding board of NEU Veterinary Medicine Students’ Union, the first student club of the faculty, and IVSA Cyprus, the first IVSA branch of the island. Design, social media manager and editor actively worked in both student clubs. In 2021, she entered the doctoral program as a doctoral student at the Near East University Department of Surgery. She is still actively responsible for the design and social media of IVSA Cyprus.

She has interests in visual arts, graphic design and web design. She can speak English well.