In this department of our hospital, surgical, video diagnosis, anaesthesiology and reanimation services are provided for all pet and wild animal diseases.

In this scope, our imaging centre provides: digital X-ray, ultrasonography, doppler ultrasonography, and echocardiography services. In this part of our hospital, there is a fully-equipped operating room where soft tissue surgery, orthopaedic surgery, oral surgery, neurosurgery and microsurgery operations are performed, as well as an intensive care unit where patients are kept under observation after operations and a diagnosis centre specially equipped for eye, dental and ear diseases.

The Department of Surgery contributes to the Preventive Medicine Service by performing castration consultation and examinations of teeth, eyes, ears and anal glands in healthy animals.

Soft Tissue Surgery Services

  • Digestive system (mouth, oesophagus, stomach, intestine, liver, bile tract) surgery,
  • Urinary System (kidney, bladder, urethra),
  • Male genital organ (penis, preputium, testes) surgery,
  • Diaphragmatic, abdominal, inguinal hernia surgery,
  • Portosystemic shunt surgery,
  • Thorax surgery,
  • Protective gastropexy for species prone to GDV,
  • Kidney transplant by microsurgical method in cats,
  • Graft and flap operations in wound and burn treatments,
  • Conservative and surgical approaches in abdominal and chest cavity diseases,
  • Medical and surgical treatments for middle ear diseases (myringotomy, ablations of the auditory canal, bulla osteotomy),
  • Microsurgery for saddle embolism in cats.

Orthopaedic and Traumatology Services

  • Fracture treatment (open or closed reduction)
  • Dislocation treatment (open or closed reduction)
  • Different surgical approaches to hip joint problems
  • Different surgical approaches to cruciate ligament ruptures.

Ophthalmology Services

  • Direct and indirect ophthalmoscopy, digital tonometry, ocular ultrasonography procedures for the diagnosis of eye diseases,
  • Corrective blepharoplasty for eyelid problems,
  • Reconstructive surgery for traumatic, neoplastic and genetic lesions of the eye and its accessory organs.
  • Glaucoma surgery,
  • Microsurgical approaches, cornea conjunctivital transposition (CCT) and conjunctivital pedicle graft (CPG) in the therapy of corneal diseases,
  • Cataract and lens luxation surgery,
  • Cornea transplant with lamellar and penetrant keratoplasty.

Dentistry Services

  • Preparing a mouth map,
  • Manual and scalar scaling,
  • Polishing,
  • Periodontal treatment,
  • Endodontic (canal) treatment,
  • Exodontic (open or closed tooth extraction) treatment,
  • Orthodontic (correction of wrong jaw closure) treatment,
  • Restorative dentistry and jaw surgery services.

Anaesthesia and Reanimation Services
An anaesthesia team made up of an expert and technician who are responsible for: general anaesthesia (solid and gas anaesthesia), local anaesthesia, sedation, monitorization, pain management and intensive care patients. The anaesthesia service is available for all operations and diagnostic procedures performed in the hospital. The team performs physiological evaluations of all patients before anaesthesia and premedication.  It also performs monitoring, fluid therapy and analgesia in all patients after anaesthesia and keeps patients under observation until they regain consciousness.  The small animal intensive care unit performs the follow-up and medical intervention of critically ill patients after surgery.